We are super proud and honoured

17 nov 2023 | ICABUS, Interviews, LinkedIn

We are super proud and honoured that Antoine Walter picked PURGATORIA as his no. 1 takeaway technology from the Aquatech.
If you could not visit yourself, but still want to catch up on the short practical course of advanced sieve technology, click on the YouTube link, and it is all there.

⬇ My 5️⃣ Personal hashtag#WaterTechnology Picks from Aquatech Amsterdam

5️⃣ The cool kids are growing!
I celebrated Aquacycl’s just-announced first European offices, got to annoy Greg Newbloom over his lunch break to discuss Membrion, Inc.’s news, waved at Sebastian Andreassen on the Cembrane booth, was pleased to see Sreenath. Bolisetty’s milestones at BluAct Technologies AG, and witnessed Oxyle beefing up the team. I also snapped a QR Code at Droople’s booth to have Ramzi Bouzerda explain the savings they’re tracking for their customers.

… my former guests are doing great 😄

I also had great conversations with Kobe Nagar, Wayne Byrne, Paul O’Callaghan, Natasha Wiseman, Isabel Neduchal, Nicola Lei Ravello or Björn Otto, and of course, we all finished the day at Walid Khoury’s DJ set on NX Filtration’s booth, where Rik Segers was pitching technology on technology while passing along canal bee… sorry, coffees. 😉

But there’s one more cool kid to highlight:

4️⃣ ZwitterCo did it again!
I’ve had several encounters with ZwitterCo over the past months. Alex Rappaport has been my podcast guest and return guest at this year’s Global Water Summit, joined by his co-founder Christopher Drover.

Beyond their SuperFiltration breakthrough, they hinted at further product launches. Well, they presented two of them at Aquatech: two RO membranes in early access, presented by Peter Ingarra and Umang Yagnik.

One unique selling point? They might make backwashes optional. Seriously 😳
Disruptive innovation, right?

3️⃣ The ideal decentralized MBR?
The look was too good to go unnoticed: Jotem Water Solutions presented the BluElephant, an off-grid small-scale MBR that can be operated by anyone and their dog (assuming the dog can withstand a 1-Day training).

Beyond the look, I’d see that as exactly the type of technology hashtag#MrBeast should look into for his sequel video where he’ll tackle wastewater treatment (call me, Jimmy!)

2️⃣ The best water tradeshow?
Two key stories in this section: Lhoist’s quest for green lime and Nijhuis Saur Industries‘ search for new team members. What those two have in common is that they perfectly leverage Aquatech’s very specific targeting: the visitor in Amsterdam will have a well-defined profile, so you can cater your marketing to it without fearing to bore non-water people. Because they won’t be there!

Over my two days in the Netherlands, I was delighted to lend myself to serendipity fully. Where else will you have a 100% certainty that every conversation will be on point?
Truly amazing. 🙌

1️⃣ The OTHER treasure in your toilets

I addressed cellulose recovery in a post 3 years ago. And I kind of forgot about it until I met Purgatoria (shame!)
Their “better mousetrap” promises to catch 50 to 70% of the cellulose that enters a hashtag#Wastewater treatment plant. When you think we all use one roll of toilet paper a week, that’s a great opportunity for hashtag#ResourceRecovery!

🎤 What did I miss?

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/purgatoria_my-5-killer-water-technology-breakthroughs

YouTube: My 5 Killer Water Technology Breakthroughs from Aquatech Amsterdam 2023

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